All classes taught by Joallyn Bohn unless otherwise stated 

Ballroom styles of dancing change monthly 


April Classes 

Sundays Series

Two Left Feet Dance Center 

194 Diablo Rd,

Danville, CA 94526

(925) 831-8111


2pm - 3pm ~ Level 2 Viennese Waltz - review the basics with an emphasis on good technique, and then learn more fun patterns, including ways to not get out of breath and  use good floor craft 

3pm - 4pm ~ Basics of  Cha Cha- for Beginners and those who want to improve their basics.  This upbeat dance with its characteristic syncopated steps/beat is loads of fun.  :-)  (Taught by Bill Blankenship))

3pm - 4pm - Intermediate Samba - for you experienced Samba dancers, we will work on improving technique and adding new, fun and perhaps challenging combinations to your Samba repertoire. :-) No Intermediate Samba class on April 22

4pm - 5pm+ ~ Tea Dance (Open Dancing) - the perfect time to practice the dances you just had a preceding class in (and then it is FREE) or if you just want to stop by at 4pm and practice whatever dance or dances you like, or just have fun socializing and dancing with others (then a mere $5 charge). So much fun!  

*see below for special Sunday Series or Drop In pricing  

2LF Dance Center.jpg


Orinda Vicente Club

Masonic Hall 

9 Altarinda Road, Orinda, CA 94563      

Private club. Couples only.  Very friendly and fun.  For more information contact the Presidents of the Vicente Club, Carl and Wenlan Ng at

8pm - 10pm ~ Foxtrot  and Tango         

Two different dances taught each evening, with a short social break in between, for each of the 6 week sessions from September through May.

  Lesson at Orinda Masonic Lodge

 Lesson at Orinda Masonic Lodge

Wednesday Drop in

Two Left Feet Dance Center 

194 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA 94526

(925) 831-8111

7:30pm - 8:15pm ~  Beginning/Basics - East Coast Swing - This super fun, all-American dance, can be danced to all types of music and tempos from Big Band to Rock n Roll to Contemporary.  Everyone needs to know SOME Swing!

8:15pm-9:15pm - Level 2  and Above ~ Waltz - includes a quick review of the basics with an emphasis on technique, then on to more fun patterns each week. 

9:15pm ~ Open Practice   for Level 2 and Above class

*see below for pricing     

Thursdays *

Livermore Area Recreation and Park District 

Community Center (Registration & summer class location*)

4444 East Ave, Livermore, CA 94550

(925) 373-5700


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Check the LARPD website to register for classes on a monthly basis. Activity category Dance, Instructor Joallyn Bohn 

No classes April 26

7:15pm - 8:15pm ~ Basics of Viennese Waltz  - This beautiful, swirling, romantic dance is the oldest of the modern ballroom dances and a wonderful dance to learn. I will have you dancing to the fabulous Strauss  waltzes in no time. So much fun!

 8:15pm - 9:15pm - Level 2 and above Samba - a continuation from the basic class. We will review the basics, quickly, with an emphasis on technique, then move on to more and more fun patterns.

*see LARPD website for pricing

* Class location Sept-May, Veteran's Hall,

522 S L Street, Livermore CA 94550

For LLNL employees ONLY - contact Livermore Laboratory Employee Services Association - 925-422-7736

11:30am - Beginning Rumba

12:20pm - Level 2 and above Bachata

Livermore Vets Hall inside.jpg

First Saturdays 

Two Left Feet Dance Center 

194 Diablo Rd, Danville, CA 94526

(925) 831-8111

First Saturday of each month  - Ballroom/Variety Theme Dance

7pm - 8pm ~ Lesson~ Beginning and Level 2 Samba

8pm - 11pm ~ Open dancing  

April's ThemeBlue Jean Ball! 

Please see the attached flyer for more details.    

*see flyer for pricing   

Private Lessons

Upon Request - send Joallyn an email at  

Private lessons available upon request during the times below:

Saturday days ~  starting between the hours of 11am and going to 4pm (ending by 5pm) ~ at Two Left Feet Dance Center, Danville, CA. 

Monday & Friday days - starting at 12:15pm;Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting at 12:45pm; Thursdays starting at 2pm; and going to 4pm (ending by 5pm) ~ at Two Left Feet Dance Center, Danville, CA. 

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, and some Friday evenings ~ starting between the hours of 5pm - 6pm (ending by 7pm) ~ at a private ballroom on the Alamo/Walnut Creek border. 

Sundays ~ 11:30am to 12:30pm and 12:30pm to1:30pm ~ at Two Left Feet Dance Center, Danville, CA.   

$65/hour, payable in cash (preferred -exact change please) or check (fine), no credit cards accepted. Sorry if that is an inconvenience.